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specialists in socksMy last post was about how big an impact cotton farming has on the world. Recently I watched my girlfriend removing her make up with cotton wool. Which of course is made of cotton. And what happens to the cotton wool pad? You throw it away.

So even before you start thinking about the contents of your wardrobe, perhaps the best place to start is to stop using cotton wool. You can get organic cotton wool, which is of course better than the normal stuff.

Better still though are washable cleaning pads. They come in packs of five with a little bag that you can bung in the washing machine. And they’re made from the off-cuts of towel manufacture, so those bit of cotton that would be thrown away get used. And they work out a lot cheaper in the long run than buying loads of cotton wool. So you can use what you save on some new eye-shadow. Everyone’s a winner.


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